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“It was an honor and a privilege to work under Amir’s direction at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London. Amir’s tuition armed me with approaches and strategies that have made an immediate impact on the overall success of my acting career. He is skillful, humble, passionate, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will not only help you improve your acting technique, but will also teach you to believe in your abilities and to never give up on doing what you love” 

Dean Coulson, Actor 

I graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, a leading drama school in London. Whilst there I had the honour of working with Amir Korangy. His lessons gave me the tools and the confidence needed to tackle even the hardest of times in this dog eat dog industry.

I cannot recommend Amir and his training enough. His approach to the text and ability to uncover the truth at the core of a scene is second to none.

Marc Rhys, Actor

I had many classes with Amir, mainly in Actor and Text, and his knowledge and understanding of text and how to "bring it to life" really struck me.  I still refer to old notes when I get a new script and often think back to past classes for inspiration and guidance. Training with Amir is like a playground: it's a safe environment where mistakes can be made but also where a lot of fun is had and you can grow up as an actor!

Bethany Thompson, Actor

Amir Korangy understands actors. He uses simple techniques to help actors connect to the words, to each other and to the moment. I spent many of my Actor & Text classes overwhelmed with how much I was learning in one session. Every time I thought no more could be found in a Ranyevskaya’s speech (The Cherry Orchard), he would masterfully peel back even more layers.  

Ceri Wyn, Actor

'Being taught by Amir Korangy had a fundamentally positive influence on my ability as an actor. His methodology has stuck with me for the last decade and been invaluable in strengthening my career from job to job. He has a unique ability to create a truly supportive and creative environment in the rehearsal studio. From here you are encouraged to confidently push through the boundaries of your comfort zone and match his unparalleled attention to detail within a given text. He gave everyone on our course a lot of his own time and individual feedback to make sure that we were all fully stretched in the areas where we needed to improve the most and reached our full potential. His hard work has more than proven its worth as my graduating year alone continue to work across all sectors of the industry, both in the UK and internationally. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and techniques that he gave me.’

Andrew Bloomer, Actor

Having studied acting under Amir's direction for 3 years I can say I appreciate him even more now than I did at the time. Whilst drama school can be a scary, confusing and challenging place, it was so good to have one person who you could always turn to for words of understanding encouragement and balance.

As someone who is greatly knowledgeable in all theatre and performance, it still felt like you were discovering a text with him for the first time and although he'd probably dealt with a problem a hundred times, you never felt like it was too much to go to him for advice.

I cannot speak highly enough of Amir and I welcome the chance to work together again in the future and would advise anyone to jump at the chance of working with him.

Alexander Pritchett

I trained with Amir when I was at Mountview Theatre School in London. Years later I still use the tools he taught me. Not only does he understand the importance of the student's preparation, scene comprehension, listening and imagination - he crucially understands the importance of nourishing the student’s creative spirit. Arming them for what can be a challenging and occasionally random industry. I can’t recommend training with Amir Korangy highly enough.

Ben Mars, Actor

Amir Korangy is a fantastic teacher, one who is always kind & supportive. He breaks down the intricacies of character & performance with humour & clarity, and has high expectations of all his students. I was encouraged to strive & push myself as much as possible throughout my training, & even after graduation Amir continues to be an encouraging and supportive mentor - I can't recommend him enough. 

Amani Zardoe, Actor

I find it extraordinarily hard to express how vital having Amir Korangy as a mentor was and is to future generations of actors but to take a quote from the great Konstantin Stanislavski 'you can kill the king without a sword and you can light a fire without a match, what needs to burn is your imagination' Amir opened this door of unlimited possibilities to me and thanks to him my imagination has taken me to playing the Pope's Grandson, in sordid medieval Rome to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943 as a Polish Jew and beyond. May my mind and imagination forever be free and take me to times gone by and into worlds yet unknown.

Ben Woods, Actor

Amir was my drama tutor at Mountview Theatre School in London, 1999/2000.

He is an inspirational teacher with a high level of professionalism, zen-like calmness and a wealth of experience. He leads all his classes with genuine care and pays great attention to every student's different needs.

He also creates an environment where each student feels free and supported to explore their untapped potential. And much of his theory and practical learning I still find very useful today.

Ben Nathan, Actor

I was fortunate enough to be trained by Amir Korangy at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London. Not only is he an exceptionally warm, caring and supportive tutor, he is also hugely passionate in his teaching and directing.
Amir encouraged me to explore my creative abilities and helped me find my full potential as an actor.
With his wealth of knowledge and experience I can't think of a better person to train with. He is truly inspirational.

Charlie Blackwood, Actor

Amir is one of those rare teachers. Not only does he help mould and develop an actor - he allows their individuality to shine through. I recall fondly working with him on 'Awake and Sing' by Clifford Odets - and will never forget the valuable lessons he taught.

I consider the time I spent with Amir to be some of the most valuable in my career.

Christian Edwards, Actor

Amir taught me at Mountview for three years as well as being the head of the Acting course. The three hours of Actor and Text that he took us for were the highlight of my week. Not only did he teach what the course demanded, he taught me how to respect other actors, writers and your director. He illuminated for me the importance of connecting what the writer intended and what the actor delivers.
He was also my port of call for any issue during my degree. He was empathetic, sympathetic and caring. His natural warmth and genuine, generous nature made my three years at school the best and most supported I could ever have imagined. He still remains a source of knowledge and encouragement and always makes time to speak to his past students if they need advice or help. I could not wish for a better contact in the industry for information, support and counsel.

Charlotte Newton John, Actor

Amir taught me Acting when I attended Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London. 

Amir's ability to enlighten, educate and inspire in every class is what drew me to take my work more seriously than previous teachers. 

 Amir always went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure he was providing a great insight into the world of Acting and through his passion and dedication, the need to follow in his footsteps grew stronger. 

I would not be the actor I am today if it were not for Amir Korangy. I also have a desire to inspire my students in a way that Amir has with me. 

Amir was always a fountain of knowledge and would source information for any student willing and wanting. 

Daniel John Williams, Actor

'I trained with Amir at Mountview Academy in London when he was head of the postgraduate acting course. Amir has been one of the most valuable acting tutors I have had. He is talented, generous, patient and a source of great knowledge. He is patient and encouraging but will challenge you and has a great ability to bring out the best in each actor. Most importantly he taught us a great work ethic that I have carried over into my professional career to this day to enable me to shine at auditions and secure jobs. He will prepare you to be at your best as an actor and be able to tackle any text, genre, or style of acting and be able to improvise in auditions and lose any inhibitions. A gentle, kind man with a huge heart who taught me a great deal.'

Daphne Kouma, Actor

I was lucky enough to study under Amir for three years and he is an acting tutor with so much integrity, intelligence, sensitivity and kindness. His approach to technique had a profound effect on me as a young actor, and I'm constantly reminded of Amir's lessons. His teaching covers all the fundamentals essential for an employable actor, covering physical and vocal skills, text and character analysis, theatre history, and a very sharp eye for the specific needs of an individual student.

It's rare to find a teacher with so much respect for his craft and so much sensitivity towards people, and I loved every minute of training with Amir.  

David John Watton, Actor

I was lucky enough to work with Amir at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts for 3 years from 2006-09. Since having graduated college and working professionally I still employ the great thorough text exploration work Amir taught me. This has come in invaluable when working at The Old Vic London and for The National Theatre. He also made difficult texts by Beckett, Pinter, Chekhov & more extremely accessible and I feel I left with a complete set of tools I could go into auditions and the industry with which could only be built on. I was also surprised by how many directors I have worked with have worked through texts in the same thorough, explorative & bold way as Amir does.
Not only did I have a great teacher but also a great supportive friend I feel I can call on for career advice and help.

Drew Dillon, Actor

Amir Korangy has a wonderful way of getting the truth out of you and your performance. I was lucky enough to be directed by him at drama school in London. It was not only my most enjoyable time whilst in training it provided me with my 'break through' moment where craft, technique and 'magic' come together.

When I went on to work at the RSC it was Amir's voice that I heard most often in my head! I cannot praise him enough, as a director or a tutor. He makes you feel safe - safe enough to be dangerous.

Endy Mckay, Actor

Amir taught me at Mountview Theatre School in London for three years. I graduated in 2006 and am working as an actor, but still hear and think back on his acting lessons and apply them to my work now. I have not since, had any direction or tuition (through practice) in such a clear, detailed, sensitive way. It's only when you work with lots of other people and often don't have that, that you realise how rare and how valuable those lessons with that particular teacher and director were. 

Esther McAuley, Actor

Finally, to whom it may concern, I am happy to sing Amir's praises;. he has easily been one of the most wonderful teachers I've ever had. His insight, quick wit and sharp observation have made everyone in my course in 2000 so much better in such a short time; that his manner was unfailingly exuberantly energetic, supportive and simply very very friendly made his teaching all the more effective.

I wish the institute and Amir all the best! 

Florian Fischer, Actor

Amir provided me with an undivided support and training at a crucial stage in my career: His patience for, and personal attention to his students ensure that they grow as individuals as well as a collective; His vast expertise in the field allows him to conduct his training at the very highest level, but with an ease and enthusiasm which is paramount to the actor feeling inspired and liberated; And as a director, I am lucky to have experienced, through observing Amir first hand, how to bring the very best out of actors.

Guy Unsworth, Actor

Amir taught me at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, where he was Head of Acting. He is the most inspiring and compassionate tutor I have had the pleasure to know.  He has huge resources of energy and commitment which were infectious to me as a student, and this coupled with a vast knowledge of acting, and an unshakable faith in me as individual allowed me to develop in to an actor that could be employed across theatre, film, and television. I will always be grateful for the time I spent in his classes.

Jonathan Baker, Actor

I was fortunate enough to work extensively with Amir during my time at drama school. His teaching, particularly on text work provided me with the tools to unlock works and plays that I had never really understood before. Through his teaching I became much more confident in my ability to read, understand and serve any text that should come my way.
As a director, Amir's generosity is what stands him apart. He offered me a clarity and confidence that enabled me to take risks, be brave and trust him absolutely. He invests in you as a performer, and through his creative guidance I felt that I grew both as a person and as an actor.
I would encourage anyone with the opportunity to work with Amir Korangy to take it. He is a wonderfully knowledgeable actor, director and teacher with a kindness and wisdom that will stay with me forever.

Josephine Hart, Actor

I first met with Amir Korangy at the very beginning of my career as an actor. What began as a tutorage soon grew into a shared understanding of what it was to pick up a script, analyse the language and begin creating the world of the piece. I experienced an invaluable three years of study under his guidance. He taught me what it was to stay truthful, stay excited and focus on the hard work and discipline needed to forge a career in the creative industry.

I owe much of my curiosity of understanding to my time spent with him and hope to repay him by putting all he has taught me into practice through example of work.

A generous man: generous with his time and also patient enough to guide young actors into the people they will become.

Louise Leverett, Actor/Author

Amir was my acting tutor at drama school (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts) and still remains one of the most passionate and inspiring tutors I have worked with.  He has such an infectious enthusiasm and I remember his classes being so much fun.  Amir is a truly kind and caring person who genuinely wanted all of his students to succeed.  He had time for all of us and was always warm, approachable and honest.

Nancy Cunningham, Actor

I was lucky enough to be taught by Amir when i attended Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London.

I can’t express enough how privileged I feel to have worked with Amir; he is the most inspirational acting tutor i have ever worked with.  Although it took me until i left for the techniques, he taught me to click in i credit my acting ability on the training i had with Amir. Each lesson we had was different and filled my head with more information on challenging text, naturalism and not accepting your first instinct as the only option,  but to push yourself further to realize what choices work and what don’t . If I could go back again i would love to have one more acting lesson with Amir. 

Natasha Atkinson, Actor

During my training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts London, I was lucky enough to work closely with Amir Korangy.  Amir was the Head of Acting at this time.  During my three years at Moutview I benefited hugely as an actor from his experience and knowledge. Not only was Amir a great director/teacher his constant care for his students wellbeing and development was second to none.  He strives to obtain the best from his students and does this in a wonderfully understanding yet direct way, his knowledge of the craft and text is legendary; and I was lucky enough to have been taught by such a nice man. 

Nichole Bolton, Actor

Amir is one of the most talented and modest industry professionals you will ever meet.  He is highly intelligent and intuitive and with seemingly little effort is able to uncover the specific and unique gifts you have as an actor. Through subtlety and gifted craftsmanship he will guide you to places that you didn’t know you were capable of.  While studying at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, my partner and I were offered an opportunity to perform at a Broadway showcase in New York.  Naturally we wanted Amir to direct us and were honored that he took additional time out of his extremely busy schedule to do so.  Various agents and casting directors came up to us after the showcase and said that our piece was the most professional and cleverly directed, not to mention the funniest.  They said the timing was impeccable and very difficult to accomplish in such a short scene.  Amir invests in his students and actors with the utmost care and precision.  He will elevate you and enhance your strengths and creativity through his vast knowledge, experience and skill.  A huge bonus of working with him is that he also happens to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  He was everyone’s favorite director, now and always.

Tami Bulmash, Actor/Writer

Amir Korangy is a joyous tutor, with a calm and kind demeanour. I have watched as his personality, combined with his unwavering determination, gently guided actors to discover imaginative characterizations and explore scenes beyond the limits you would believe them to be confined to.  A wonderful man, with a fantastic skill to hone the talents that he is greeted with.

Liam Mansfield, Actor

In the three years that I was taught and mentored by Amir I developed not only as an Actor but as a young adult. He provided assistance at every corner throughout my training and was supportive in every acting endeavour I undertook. His advice and knowledge is invaluable to any aspiring actor and I would highly recommend working with him. 

Oliver Biles, Actor

I trained under the direction of Amir Korangy at Mountview Academy of theatre Arts, London. His passion for words and absolute dedication to the craft of acting is infectious. He has a talent for getting the best out of everyone and he pushed me to find the best in myself. Amir is a rare breed of man and I am honoured to have worked with him.

Paula Masterton, Actor

Throughout my training at Mountview, Amir's teaching gave me not only the necessary practical skills, but also an overall respect for the craft itself.

His meticulous regard for detail in all areas of training has provided me with the confidence to pursue a sustained career of longevity, and most importantly of enjoyment. 

Samuel Clayton, Actor

My Training with Amir has been invaluable in my professional career as a stage and screen actress. The classes I took with him and the advice he offered, in spades, are the most influential of my training. The lessons I learned from him have stayed with me still, after many years. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his professionalism and pastoral care are both second to none. Amir still remains a hugely encouraging and supportive mentor to me, and I am very glad to have had him as a teacher.

Amy Molloy, Actor

I had the privilege of being taught by Amir for three years. I filled notebooks with the constant stream of pearls of wisdom that he taught, many of which at the time I couldn't grasp. Years later, I don't only still vividly remember the lessons I learnt from Amir then, but those things I couldn't grasp at the time suddenly become clearer the more experienced an actor I become. I'm always shocked and thrilled how I'm still managing to learn from Amir's skill and attention to detail years later.

Sarah Kempton, Actor

The things I learnt in Amir's classes were sort of 'acting essentials'. Things that are so simple, yet completely enlightening. Whenever I pick up a script, whenever I am feeling stuck, I revert to Amir's practical advice.  Despite Amir being principle of Mountview and extremely busy, I always felt like he had time for me, and I know the rest of my peers felt the same. His kindness, humour and vast generosity make him the most wonderful of teachers. I can't recommend him highly enough. 

Sophie Spreadbury, Actor

Amir is one of those rare acting tutors who not only has the vast knowledge, experience and passion, but who also has the gift of knowing how to share, inspire and pass on this craft to his students.
Amir’s kind nature, his attention to each individual, his playful and rewarding classes, and his ongoing support made the 3 years I spent as his student 3 of the best years of my life.
Amir really taught me to trust in my ability and believe in myself which I think are invaluable qualities in this industry. I am forever grateful to him for helping me become a strong and confident actress.

Tessa Mabbitt, Actor

I studied Acting under Amir at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and since graduating I've been lucky enough to have worked professionally in every area of the industry. Amir’s' training gave me the technical skills to approach any role with confidence and I certainly wouldn't have the career I have now without it.

Tom Meredith, Actor

I studied Acting under Amir at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and since graduating I've been lucky enough to have worked professionally in every area of the industry. Amir’s' training gave me the technical skills to approach any role with confidence and I certainly wouldn't have the career I have now without it.

Tom Meredith, Actor

Working with Amir is not only challenging, it is fun, engaging, productive and personal. You may work together as an ensemble to create a piece of theatre, but his feedback is always very personal towards you the actor rather than beige notes for the entire ensemble. Amir can spot the weaknesses in any actor and help them overcome their barriers and shake off the tensions that may be holding you back. A Gem of a teacher and practitioner I am very grateful for my time spent under the influence of this man. 

Tom Phillips, Actor

Amir was head of our post graduate acting course in 2002 at Mountview Academy in London, England. One of my favourite of his quotes was 'You've cooked a good meal, now don't over season it!'. I still use this mantra today when approaching my work. He is an intelligent, sensitive and supportive director, mentor and role model. I had just graduated with an English Literature degree when I met Amir and his respect for the text and style of working from the inside out was one that I favoured. However he is also an actor, and so understands the importance of never stifling another actor's desire to want to play and try out different things. Truly an actor's director!

Waleed Elgadi, Actor

I have had the pleasure of watching Amir's approach and teaching methods for approximately ten years.  He has always been a true advocate of my work both as a casting director and theatre director.  As with his students, he was always endlessly encouraging, enthusiastic and open.  His approach is always unfailingly courteous, warm, gentle, wise and very effective and realistic.    He is a gem of a teacher and director.

Suzy Catliff  

Author, Director, Casting Director, member of CDG UK.

‘Amir was my first ever acting coach.  If it wasn’t for him, I’d have walked out after my first lesson.  But he was so insightful, supportive, and kind, I had to keep coming back.’

Eddie Marsan, Actor 

‘Amir was the first acting teacher I had that made me aware of the many choices within a scene. That there could be infinite possibilities with a character’s thoughts. It was the most inspiring and freeing moment, which I have taken with me throughout my career.’ 

Josh Dallas, Actor

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