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You must learn to be usable before you can get a chance to become great.

Fundamentals of Acting

For those beginners who would like to base their training on a solid foundation.  These sessions will guide you toward a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become a competent and employable actor.

Fee: 1 hour - $150

Script Breakdown

Using plays and scripts form various genre, you will be instructed how to identify the plot, action and character.  You will also work on understanding and executing appropriate timing, beats and transitions.
Fee:  1 hour - $150

Individual Coaching

These sessions are for those who would like to work on Audition Technique or/and Drama School entry. 

I offer a free 15 min consultation to establish common ground before you begin working with me.  

Fee:  1/2 hour - $75

            1 hour - $150

Individual Coaching - Advanced

For professional actors who would like to concentrate on improving specific areas of their work.  

I offer a free 30 min. consultation session to establish common ground and discuss specific areas of work that may need attention.

Fee:  1/2 hour - $75

            1 hour - $150

Career Development Coaching

You will be introduced to a series crucial concepts and will be guided to follow plans of action that will help you improve your career strategy and interaction with the industry. 

I offer a free 15 min. consultation to establish common ground and assess your professional needs.  

Fee:  1/2 hour - $75

            1 hour - $150 

Online Classes: Experience
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